Councilmember White to Introduce Proposals

Councilmember White announced today that he is transmitting a proposed bill and resolution to the Council for referral to the appropriate committee at the Council’s August 5th meeting.

One proposal is to amend the Real Property Circuit Breaker Credit, which assists longtime homeowners whose properties values have increased as a result of Maui’s property boom from having to pay a large property tax bill.  The proposed legislation tightens requirements to qualify for the Circuit Breaker Credit by adding acquisition and building value caps.  It also gives additional tools for the Real Property Tax Department to facilitate the administration of the credit.  The changes will help to ensure only those applicants who legitimately need the credit qualify.  This bill will be referred to the Budget and Finance Committee for further discussion and approval.

Councilmember White will also transmit a proposed resolution to assist a community church, the Makawao Jehova’s Witnesses to permanently change its zoning.  Previously, the church operated on a conditional permit and this change will allow the church to operate for generations to come without having to obtain additional land use permits.  This proposal will be referred to the Land Use Committee.

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